It's been less than a year since we opened and we are already filling every server we have to the brim. Consequently, our staff team has decided its time for an upgrade! Starting this weekend, all TNT Wars servers will have a lobby system that allows you to vote on the next map, stay on the same server, and so much more!

New Lobby


Our TNT Wars plugin just got even better! Now with a NEW shop, over 15 NEW cannons, NEW grief prevention, NEW maps, tons of NEW permissions, a NEW and improved scoring system/board, and over twenty NEW perks for donors! This update is changing the way we play the game.

classic2 shop


Thank you for helping us reach 80 online users! As a big Thank You we are keeping our 50% off ranks promotion going for another month, and we've released a new map! Come play your favorite intense strategy game with us! Welcome to Rampart!


Vote for us!

Vote for TNT Wars and instantly get up to 1,300 coins per vote. Plus: for every vote, you get a chance to earn free ranks, coin jackpots, and other huge prizes!

Check out our new store to purchase ranks and coins!

You can help support the server and get all of these awesome perks by upgrading your rank in our new shop!

Donation History:

  • Coin Multiplier

  • Apply For Staff

  • More Lives

  • More TNT In Dispensers

  • Double Jump

  • Switch Teams

  • Spectate

  • Join Full Games

  • Better Armour

  • Access To Donor-Only Items

  • In Game Chat Tag

  • Free Upgrades With Updates To Rank

  • Access To Restricted Areas

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115 players online average
136,885 total players joined
962 days online
23 staff members

ABOUT OUR NETWORK is your source for everything pyro. We are the only TNT Wars server without constant lag, greifing, and long wait times. Join instantly to one of our jaw-dropping maps, and play the strategic battle game everyone is talking about.

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Custom minigames

We provide you the best game experience with our custom designed minigames and jaw-dropping maps.

Great community

TNT Wars has a friendly community with both new and experienced players. You can almost always find a staff member online who will be happy to help you with any concerns you might have.

High quality

We run off of powerful dedicated servers with 99.99% up-time to give you a more enjoyable lag-free gaming experience.

Server Rules:

No Spam:

This includes both spamming in chat, and spamming blocks around the map. Nobody appreciates spam, and a continued offense will result in a temporary or permenant ban.

No Griefing:

Even if it is "just a joke", or "we are friends". This includes purposely blowing anything up on your side, attempting to break where people spawn, using water to push people off the edge, breaking blocks underneath teammates, etc.

No Hacking:

Anything that modifies your client to improve your ease of game play (with the exception of visual/performance improvements such as optifine or resource packs) will result in a permenant ban.

No Spawn Killing:

Spawn killing is wrong and will result in disciplinary action. If you kill someone within the first ten seconds of them respawning, this is considered spawn killing, even if "you didn't mean to."

No Exploiting Glitches:

If you are finding a way around something that is designed to prevent you from doing something, this is considered cheating, and can be considered as, if not more, serious as hacking. Instead report it to the forums for a reward.

No Crude Or Vulgar Language:

Because we want to keep our server a safe environment for all ages, any demeaning language will not be allowed.

No Begging For Anything From Staff:

We have thousands of users who us for free stuff, save your time, and avoid being muted (which can severely effect your chances of becoming staff in the future).

No AFK Farming:

if you leave your computer for over 30 minutes in an attempt to farm free coins, expect to be kicked, or even banned when you return.

No Helping Without Permission

If somebody wants help, they will ask for it. You can kindly offer, but the moment you touch their work without their consent you are griefing and will be treated as such.

No Water Protection:

water walls, and covering your cannon with water are not allowed. Not only does it defeat the purpose of TNT Wars, but it also makes the map a mess. This is considered griefing and will result in potential consequences.

No Advertising:

Under any circumstances. Taking users from other servers is unethical, and will likely result in a permanent mute or ban.

No debating with staff:

What staff says is law. Debating with staff about whether something is or isn't allowed will not be tolerated, respect staff and treat them as you would the owner. Not following this rule will result in some form of punishment.

In no way does having a rank effect these rules. You are not entitled to anything, and breaking these rules will result in the exact same punishment as a user without a rank would receive.

Use Coupon: TNT to get an extra 25% OFF EVERYTHING in the shop until October 30th!


Owner: TntWars
Admin: LateNightShow
Sys-Admin: xXAndrew28Xx
Admin: Angry_Squid
Admin: deadly_miner9
Mod+: lucahscraft
Mod+: RoxBoy18
Mod+: doodododododoo
Mod+: TheRogueDrone
Mod+: GoDead
Mod+: DojiAshuri
Mod+: MEOWYCAT12345_NX
Mod+: BrookieIsBae
Mod: IconicRaptor
Mod: MKugath
Mod: mineswiped
Mod: P_F_U_D_O_R
: farscape111
Helper: Unassured
Helper: NotCow_


YouTuber: TBNRfrags
YouTuber: LandonMC


Head Builder: 124c41

Apply For Staff

New Application System Without Donation Requirement!

Sick of hackers and greifers? Are you on the server 5+ hours a week? Do you have a knack for coding/map-building/etc? Good news! We are growing fast and need developers and staff members! Click the button to see the available positions!

Our servers, inevitable entertainment!


Classic [TNT Wars]

This map is perfect for those just starting out or anyone who prefer an all-flat surface to build on. It's recently updated modern design brings a techy feel to a classic map.


Pirates [TNT Wars]

Breathe in the heavy salt water air as you climb around building cannon's on the sails and deck of your the pirate ship. Swimming away is not an option, your only chance of survival is to fight!

Hot & Cold

Hot & Cold [TNT Wars]

This map takes TNT Wars to a whole different dimension. With people building above, below, to your right, your left, and in front of you, it takes a fair amount of concentration to survive.


Dream [TNT Wars]

Welcome to your dreams, floating on a fluffy cloud with some friends, you realize that you are under attack. The only weapons you have are blocks of tnt. You need to find a way to use TNT to Launch TNT at the other cloud, or risk falling to your certain death.


Rampart [TNT Wars]

In this map, TNT Wars gets a middle aged twist. Climb to the top of your castle, build your catapult, and rain TNT down on your oponents. Make sure to loft your TNT over the edge of the rampart or your cannon might self destruct!

Missile Wars

Missile Wars

Our newest minigame is simply addicting. Missile Wars has something for everyone! It involves explosions, pvp, strategy, and parkour. Use the items in your inventory to launch missiles at the other side, and break the other team's portal to win!


*Coming Soon* Factions

Join our newly released factions server! First, develop your team work and cannon skills in classic TNT Wars, then prove your masterey with each new raid in factions. Declare your dominance, show your pvp skills, and leave a trail of explosions everywhere you go.


*Coming Soon* Dodge Ball

Too lazy to build complicated cannons? Sick of getting wrecked by that guy who obviously plays too much? Still love making explosions and the thrilling combat scene between two islands in the sky? Dodge Ball is for you.


Dev Server

Want to help build what will be on the server 3 months from now? Curious about what's being updated about each game? Join the dev server! This is where everything new is tested before it is officially released! Lighting the fuse on a minecraft revolution