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It's been less than a year since we opened and we are already filling every server we have to the brim. Consequently, our staff team has decided its time for an upgrade! Starting this weekend, all TNT Wars servers will have a lobby system that allows you to vote on the next map, stay on the same server, and so much more!

New Lobby


Our TNT Wars plugin just got even better! Now with a NEW shop, over 15 NEW cannons, NEW grief prevention, NEW maps, tons of NEW permissions, a NEW and improved scoring system/board, and over twenty NEW perks for donors! This update is changing the way we play the game.

classic2 shop


Thank you for helping us reach 80 online users! As a big Thank You we are keeping our 50% off ranks promotion going for another month, and we've released a new map! Come play your favorite intense strategy game with us! Welcome to Rampart!


Check out our new store to purchase ranks and coins!

You can help support the server and get all of these awesome perks by upgrading your rank in our new shop!

Donation History:

  • Coin Multiplier

  • Apply For Staff

  • More Lives

  • More TNT In Dispensers

  • Double Jump

  • Switch Teams

  • Spectate

  • Join Full Games

  • Better Armour

  • Access To Donor-Only Items

  • In Game Chat Tag

  • Free Upgrades With Updates To Rank

  • Access To Restricted Areas

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