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Server Rules:

No Spam:

This includes both spamming in chat, and spamming blocks around the map. Nobody appreciates spam, and a continued offense will result in a temporary or permenant ban.

No Griefing:

Even if it is "just a joke", or "we are friends". This includes purposely blowing anything up on your side, attempting to break where people spawn, using water to push people off the edge, breaking blocks underneath teammates, etc.

No Hacking:

Anything that modifies your client to improve your ease of game play (with the exception of visual/performance improvements such as optifine or resource packs) will result in a permenant ban.

No Spawn Killing:

Spawn killing is wrong and will result in disciplinary action. If you kill someone within the first ten seconds of them respawning, this is considered spawn killing, even if "you didn't mean to."

No Exploiting Glitches:

If you are finding a way around something that is designed to prevent you from doing something, this is considered cheating, and can be considered as, if not more, serious as hacking. Instead report it to the forums for a reward.

No Crude Or Vulgar Language:

Because we want to keep our server a safe environment for all ages, any demeaning language will not be allowed.

No Begging For Anything From Staff:

We have thousands of users who us for free stuff, save your time, and avoid being muted (which can severely effect your chances of becoming staff in the future).

No AFK Farming:

if you leave your computer for over 30 minutes in an attempt to farm free coins, expect to be kicked, or even banned when you return.

No Helping Without Permission

If somebody wants help, they will ask for it. You can kindly offer, but the moment you touch their work without their consent you are griefing and will be treated as such.

No Water Protection:

water walls, and covering your cannon with water are not allowed. Not only does it defeat the purpose of TNT Wars, but it also makes the map a mess. This is considered griefing and will result in potential consequences.

No Advertising:

Under any circumstances. Taking users from other servers is unethical, and will likely result in a permanent mute or ban.

No debating with staff:

What staff says is law. Debating with staff about whether something is or isn't allowed will not be tolerated, respect staff and treat them as you would the owner. Not following this rule will result in some form of punishment.

In no way does having a rank effect these rules. You are not entitled to anything, and breaking these rules will result in the exact same punishment as a user without a rank would receive.